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Success Stories

Miraculous Recovery Creates A New Chance at Life: Joyce’s Story

In 2004, Joyce was in a wheelchair, unable to bathe herself and suffering from debilitating back pain. Today, she is pain free and uses a cane only for balance. Her experience with Dr. Thompson was amazing, but not uncommon. Living In Suffering Following a back injury, Joyce was unable to complete many day-to-day tasks without […]

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The Integrated And Collaborative Care Models Thrives Within The Tuck System Of Clinics

Tuck Chiropractic Clinic is always seeking out ways to provide a superior level of care to all of our patients. Every part of our patient-centered care is performed with intention and dedication. For years we’ve been singing the praises of an integrated, collaborative patient-centered care model that allows doctors across specialties to collaborate on behalf […]

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Taking Care of the Caretaker

It’s not every day that our doctors get a hug after an adjustment appointment, but when they do, it makes them feel like they made a special impact on a life. This is certainly the case for Dr. Matthis’s mother and son patients, Shannon and Taylor. Rising to a Challenge Five months ago, Shannon brought […]

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How Webster’s Technique Can Help Your Delivery

Bringing a child into the world is a beautiful thing, but it does cause a lot of changes to occur in the body. These changes can sometimes bring pain and discomfort. Chiropractic care is a proven, safe way to manage lower back pain and sciatica that often comes with the pressure of carrying a baby […]

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From Risk of Paralysis to New Found Independence

Barry Henry struggled with debilitating back pain since October of 2004. His journey was long, dark, and painful. He had seen doctors, endured shots, and even prepared himself for surgery. At one point, his doctor refused to operate on his back. He said that the risk for paralysis was too high risk to operate. Just […]

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Returning to An Active Lifestyle After Three Years of Limited Mobility

As a fitness instructor, car accident survivor, and sufferer of spinal stenosis, Yvonne Heath was no stranger to chiropractic care when she came into Tuck Chiropractic Clinic for help three months ago. She had even seen multiple doctors at the clinic over the past few years. This time, she was visiting Dr. Earsing for the […]

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Translating Your Chiropractor: Understanding Your Care Plan

At Tuck Chiropractic, we do our best to provide a warm welcome the minute you walk through the door – whether you’re a returning patient or a new inquiry. It’s important to us to make our patients as comfortable as possible from the first greeting to the final visit of their care plan. Part of that process […]

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When The Right Person Reads the X-Ray

Some people live half of a lifetime before finding someone that can help them manage their back pain. When Patty ended up in the Emergency Room as the result of excruciating back pain, she knew it was time to seek out other options to find relief. Two days later, this led her to her first […]

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Research Round Up: The Effects of Integrating Chiropractic Care with General Care

At Tuck Chiropractic Clinic, collaboration means a lot of different things. It means communicating clearly with our patients to set attainable wellness and pain management goals; it means calling up a fellow chiropractor to hear their ideas on a new technique or challenge; it also means working with the wider healthcare community to provide a […]

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A Behind the Scenes Look At An Adjustment with Dr. Kilmer

On a sunny Wednesday afternoon, Dr. Susan Kilmer welcomed Ella back to the clinic for a low back adjustment with a friendly, familiar smile. That’s because Ella has been seeking chiropractic care from Dr. Susan for the past 19 years! In 1999, Ella sought out some relief from her general lower back pain and found […]

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