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  1. What is Chiropractic Treatment?

    Chiropractic Care is a branch of health care that restores wellness by improving the function of the spine and nervous system. Chiropractic treatments directly affect head, neck and back issues and sometimes benefit patients with issues related to the nervous system.

  2. How is chiropractic treatment different from other options?

    Tuck Chiropractic Clinics specialize in chiropractic treatment that uses safe and established methods to relieve chronic pain and injuries. This non-invasive treatment is a very conservative mode of care, which works to improve the function of the spine and nervous system without drugs or surgical procedures. Our doctors work as a team and often collaborate with other health professionals to help our patients get free from pain and meet their goals as quickly as possible.

  3. Will chiropractic treatment help me get off of pain medication?

    Prescribed medications definitely have their place. However, many medications have dangerous side effects, especially when taken long-term. Because chiropractic treatment has little to no side effects, it is often considered a beneficial and safe option for people with acute or chronic pain. While every individual is different, many patients find that they’re able to reduce dosage and/or frequency of pain medication after chiropractic treatment. In some cases, individuals are able to stop taking regular pain medication altogether.

  4. Will there be "popping" or "cracking" sounds?

    People are often apprehensive about receiving their first chiropractic adjustment. They often tell us they are concerned about hearing a "cracking" sound that can result from some adjustments. This sound (known as cavitation) is simply a drop in air pressure within a joint, which occurs when a "stuck" joint becomes "unstuck." Cavitation is NOT the sound of bones cracking or rubbing against each other.

  5. Once you begin chiropractic care, do you have to continue for the rest of your life?

    No. Many chiropractic patients seeking to alleviate pain recover from their symptoms within a short period of time. Chiropractic treatment can produce permanent relief, even for patients who have suffered from years of chronic pain. Because of such positive results, many patients choose to continue periodic checkups after their symptoms have subsided. For patients who have pain related to the ongoing nature of their work or lifestyle (sitting at a desk for long periods of time each day, heavy manual labor or high impact sports and fitness), we normally suggest semi-regular adjustments to prevent major pain or injuries from setting in.

  6. Is chiropractic safe?

    Professionally-practiced chiropractic is an extremely safe healthcare option, especially when the alternatives (medication or surgery) are considered. Many of our doctors began practicing chiropractic treatment, because they saw that lasting results could be accomplished so safely.

  7. Does massage therapy produce the same result as chiropractic?

    Massage therapy is a highly effective, drug-free approach to relieving strained muscles, increasing circulation, easing stress and achieving relaxation. Chiropractors frequently recommend massage as a supplement to chiropractic care. Despite its benefits, however, massage therapy is not a substitute for chiropractic care because it does not correct actual issues with the spine (vetebral subluxation.)

  8. Is chiropractic care expensive?

    Industry studies reveal that chiropractic costs less than traditional medical care when chiropractors are the first doctors visited. Researchers at Oakland University discovered that patients receiving chiropractic care experienced significantly lower healthcare costs. Specifically, chiropractic patients saved approximately $1,000 each over a two-year period.
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