Success Stories

Jennifer's Story

When a migraine hits, getting through life can be near impossible. In addition to being an excruciating headache, migraines are often accompanied by reduced field of vision, dizziness, severe light sensitivity, nausea and vomiting. Take a moment to imagine having the worst migraine of your life. Now imagine that same migraine is happening while you are standing at the front of a classroom full of 5th graders, trying to teach them. That is where Jennifer found herself time and time again. For years Jennifer has struggled with debilitating migraines. They would strike and she would end up in bed for

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Pregnancy and Chiropractic: Savanah's Story

It was Tuesday, March 21 and Savanah felt miserable. She was 38 weeks pregnant and experiencing severe back pain. While she knew there was a chance she was experiencing back labor—she just wasn’t quite sure. Savanah reached out to the Vinton Tuck Chiropractic Clinic 15 minutes before close and asked for an appointment. Dr. Smith gladly saw Savanah and gave her a much-needed adjustment. The relief brought about by the adjustment was so successful that the pain disappeared and Savanah worried she wasn’t really in labor after all. However, much to Savanah’s delight she was. Sweet baby Vera was born

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Dr. Ray Tuck's Story

It may not surprise you to hear that Dr. Ray Tuck is a very busy man. As the President and lead doctor of Tuck Chiropractic Clinic, he divides his time between serving patients, serving with various professional organizations, and serving the local community. It’s possible you’ve run into him at a Virginia Tech Hokie Game or maybe you are a patient that has benefited from his expertise and skill as a chiropractor. No matter how well you know Dr. Tuck, we thought you might enjoy a deeper look at who is and what he is all about. Which Tuck Clinic do

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Partnering with Jen for Health, Happiness, and High Kicks

One of the highlights of working in healthcare is the opportunity to develop relationships with patients from all walks of life. Every patient that walks into one of our 11 Tuck Chiropractic locations has a unique story to tell. At our Bedford location, Jen is one of our regulars, seeing Dr. A.J LaBarbera to maintain a happy, healthy spine and joints. What initially began as a single chiropractic visit eight years ago, to treat sinus problems and lower back pain, has transformed into a long-lasting relationship. Not only are we able to consistently help her maintain overall joint and back

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New Research Shows Why Chiropractic Care is So Effective

The first Chiropractic adjustment was given in 1895 by D.D. Palmer. Chiropractic care has been achieving tremendous results with patient care. Unfortunately, until recent years Chiropractors have only been able to theorize why so many patients improved with their care. Initially, Chiropractors stated that when a bone of the spine or vertebrae misaligned it put abnormal amounts of pressure on the nerve that it was designed to protect. Essentially a hard bone was pinching a soft nerve. That pressure prevented the nerve from working properly and thus caused symptoms or unease in the body. The theory was later proved to

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