Patient Testimonial: Alainna Goodnight


“Been there, done that”

“I’ve been going to different chiropractors since 6th grade,” said Alainna Goodnight. “I’m 5’10” and I’ve always played volleyball and basketball. My back was in pretty bad shape from all of that.”

Alainna periodically suffered from severe back spasms that kept her from being able to walk. “The back spasms were so bad some days that I had to stay home from school,” said Alainna.

When Alainna started her job in Blacksburg, Virginia, several of her coworkers mentioned Tuck Clinic. “They said Tuck was the best,” said Alainna. “I had been to a lot of chiropractors before so I was doubtful, but I wanted to see what all of the hype was about.”

The Tuck Difference

Alainna gave Tuck a shot and was impressed right away. “The initial interview I had with the doctor at Tuck was so thorough. I studied Human Nutrition, Food, and Exercise at Virginia Tech, so I’m really interested in the body and how it works. They explained everything to me about what my spine looked like, how that would manifest in how I walk and feel, and how they could treat it,” said Alainna.

Alainna thought her husband, Curtis, might be able to benefit from chiropractic care, too. “My husband had chronic headaches since he was a kid,” said Alainna. “He didn’t really think it would work. But with my back pain and his chronic headaches, we said we should at least give it a shot.”

Having experienced the benefits of chiropractic before, Alainna knew that it might take a few weeks to begin to tell results. “Sometimes, when your body isn’t used to it, you can feel sore after your first few adjustments. It makes sense if you think about the doctors getting your spine into better alignment after it’s been messed up for so long.”

But after one month, both she and Curtis began to tell a difference. Alainna’s back spasms became less and less frequent, to the point where she can’t remember the last time she had one. And Curtis’ headaches are much improved. “He’ll get the occasional headache, but it is so much better than what it used to be,” said Alainna.

“I feel like it’s dramatically shifted our health,” said Alainna. “It’s been a big change in both of our lives.”

Why Chiropractic Care Matters

Now Alainna and Curtis only get adjustments every month or so, just to make sure their spines and necks stay in a healthy alignment. “I don’t know how people don’t go to the chiropractor,” said Alainna. “In addition to the chiropractors adjusting my spine, they also give me exercises to strengthen my muscles and even help alleviate old sports injuries I got back in high school.” Tuck Clinic has helped Alainna think about and improve her overall physical health.

“You have to prioritize and invest in your health now. The return benefit will be exponentially greater,” said Alainna. “My physical health bleeds into my emotional health which bleeds into my mental health. I’m an all-around better and happier person when I take care of my body.”

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