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Success Stories

Chiropractic Restored Charity’s Childhood Joy

In so many ways, Charity is just like every other 11-year-old girl. Bright, happy and full of joy. However, this past year was a challenging and trying year for Charity and her family. She went from being one of the most athletic kids in her class to becoming increasingly limited by hip pain, to include […]

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A Story from a First Time Patient

We love sharing our patient’s success stories! In this unique situation we were able to ask Caitlyn, a member of our marketing team, to detail her experience getting her first chiropractic adjustment. Enjoy hearing, in her own words, what it was like start to finish. I never thought I would seek out chiropractic care. While […]

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Overcoming Chronic Back Pain: Joyce’s Story

It was 16 years ago and Joyce was crippled by pain. She said, “My back pain was so bad I was unable to straighten up.” Joyce wanted the pain to go away but felt like she didn’t have any options. She is allergic to prescription pain medications and can’t take most over the counter drugs […]

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One Veteran’s Experience with Chiropractic

At Tuck Chiropractic Clinic, we see a lot of veterans and are appreciative of any opportunity we have to support those who serve in the military. One patient we have been privileged to care for is Joe, a man who made a career out of serving our country in the United States Army. Joe can’t […]

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Supporting Those Who Serve Our Community

Serving others is often accompanied by sacrifice. For those that feel a true calling, the sacrifice is outweighed by their passion for what they do. This can be said of Greg, a local Fireman and EMT, he has been a first responder for 27 years. Greg began his career as a firefighter working in a […]

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Jennifer’s Story

When a migraine hits, getting through life can be near impossible. In addition to being an excruciating headache, migraines are often accompanied by reduced field of vision, dizziness, severe light sensitivity, nausea and vomiting. Take a moment to imagine having the worst migraine of your life. Now imagine that same migraine is happening while you […]

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Pregnancy and Chiropractic: Savanah’s Story

It was Tuesday, March 21 and Savanah felt miserable. She was 38 weeks pregnant and experiencing severe back pain. While she knew there was a chance she was experiencing back labor—she just wasn’t quite sure. Savanah reached out to the Vinton Tuck Chiropractic Clinic 15 minutes before close and asked for an appointment. Dr. Smith […]

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Partnering with Jen for Health, Happiness, and High Kicks

One of the highlights of working in healthcare is the opportunity to develop relationships with patients from all walks of life. Every patient that walks into one of our 11 Tuck Chiropractic locations has a unique story to tell. At our Bedford location, Jen is one of our regulars, seeing Dr. A.J LaBarbera to maintain […]

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