Partnering with Jen for Health, Happiness, and High Kicks


Maintaining Healthy Spine, Back, and Joints Through Chiropractic Treatment in Virginia

Jen, a Tuck Chiropractic patient, has found that one key to her overall happiness, health, and success is staying on top of her joint and back health through her regular chiropractic treatments.

One of the highlights of working in healthcare is the opportunity to develop relationships with patients from all walks of life. Every patient that walks into one of our 11 Tuck Chiropractic locations has a unique story to tell. At our Bedford location, Jen is one of our regulars, seeing Dr. A.J LaBarbera to maintain a happy, healthy spine and joints. What initially began as a single chiropractic visit eight years ago, to treat sinus problems and lower back pain, has transformed into a long-lasting relationship. Not only are we able to consistently help her maintain overall joint and back health but we have also relished the chance to support her in other aspects of her life.
Jen has a job in retail that requires heavy lifting, which is quite strenuous on her back and joints. Even though Jen makes the effort to lift in a safe and proper way, odd movements are inevitable as she gets the job done—and these movements can leave her back and joints feeling aggravated. Jen explained how she has managed to overcome these work challenges with chiropractic care, she said, “Regular adjustments, along with various exercises that I have been taught, keep me able to do my job.”
The benefits Jen has experienced due to chiropractic treatments don’t end at work, though. Jen likes to work hard and play even harder—she is a martial artist. She explained how she feels consistent adjustments have helped her to participate in this sport and improve her performance, “As a martial artist, proper alignment allows for better quality of movement.  I’ve noticed that when I am doing well and not in a lot of pain, that I can get my kicks up much higher and can achieve greater degrees of flexibility.” She has found that one key to her overall happiness, health, and success is staying on top of her joint and back health through her regular chiropractic treatments.
According to Jen, seeing Dr. LaBarbera. for adjustments is a major contributor to how great she feels and her ability to stay active both at and after work. But more than that, Jen knows that Dr. LaBarbera genuinely cares about her overall health. Dr. LaBarbera explained, “Being a true advocate for our patients is how we can ensure that they get the care they need; whether it is within our group, with another provider, or even another health care discipline altogether.  This collaborative effort really helps to resolve patients’ issues and also assists them in meeting their health goals.” Jen also talked about Dr. A.J.’s advocacy on her behalf; she explained, “I had an issue with foot pain a few years ago.  He referred me to a podiatrist to treat me because the pain had lingered on. If he determines that a referral is best for a patient, he isn’t afraid to go that route to help them heal.”
Another thing the Bedford team loves about Jen is how she shares her passions with us. We all enjoy catching up with her when she comes by the office. “At one point, Dr. Matthis answered questions on chiropractic, while I was working on a Biology paper,” Jen told us. She continued, “Dr. Keene also took time to tell me about Athletic Training, as I have been looking at possible college majors. Earlier this year, Dr. A.J. came to Super Kicks Martial Arts to discuss goals with our students.” We value the way that our relationship with Jen transcends the clinical environment into everyday living, interests, and aspirations.
Working with Jen is a joy and the Tuck Chiropractic team is thankful that she trusts us with her health care. We also appreciate that she welcomes us into other areas of her life, allowing us to understand how our chiropractic treatments fit into the bigger picture of who she is. Jen’s story is a great encouragement to continue striving to leave a positive impact on every life we touch. Thanks, Jen. We hope Tuck Chiropractic can continue to help you achieve your health goals!

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