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4 simple steps you should take before shoveling snow!

With the amounts of snow that have fallen this winter, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who has not had to shovel at least a little bit.  Most of the folks who have donned the snow boots and grabbed the shovel haven’t done so in quite some time and are most likely prove to injury. My office has had a reoccurrence of snow-shoveling-related injuries that may have been avoided.  Here are some tips to make sure you don’t join the masses and by keeping your spine safe. 1- Wait until the snow quits falling-  This seems like a

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Proper Workstation Set-up May Improve Your Health

If you have ever heard the term “ergonomics” you may have taken some initiative to improve your desk at work. What you may not know is that you are actually improving your overall health as well. Ergonomics literally means the “laws of work.” This term refers to “creating an environment where the equipment is made to fit the person and not forcing the person to fit the equipment.” A great example would be a car seat. Would you purchase a car where your head hits the roof and your knees straddle the steering wheel? Obviously you wouldn’t! So why would

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Multiple Chiropractor Approach

I was recently out of the office attending to family business and had another doctor cover my schedule. One particularly tough case that I had been working with received a different style adjustment than I had previously used with wonderful results. That doctor and I consulted after the visit and I have changed my approach slightly to offer the patient the maximum effect of their care. The majority of my patients have one doctor that they report to for certain issues they face; one PCP, one cardiologist, one optometrist. While having one doctor familiar with your specific case and issues

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Are You Hydrated?

Estimates of 75%-97% of Americans are “chronically dehydrated.” So does this mean that Eight 8-ounces of H20 isn’t enough? Well-Yes! (unless you weigh 128 lbs and don’t exercise-I’ll explain later.) So how much water do you need? This is a daily conversation in my office. We have always been taught that adequate water consumption is 64 ounces or eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. But even this seems like an astonishing amount of water to consume for some people. So let’s see how much water you need each day. First, take your body weight and divide by 2 (or

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The Fine Art of Choosing A Pillow

Every day I engage with a patient about “pillow talk.” When you consider the importance of how you spend 1/3 of your day, you can to see the relevance of this discussion. First, the pillow must fit you! Not the other way around. Second, the pillow you choose will greatly differ from how you sleep. Basically, figuring out what position you sleep in most of the night. The damage that you cause to your neck from a poor or improperly fitted pillow will lead to problems with your spine. A Chiropractor will be able to help you recover from the

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Sitting Can Be A Real Pain

We hear it all the time; “How could I be in this pain when all I have done is sit?” Can sitting really cause pain? The answer, as I am sure you can figure out by my tone, is…YES! The main questions are, “Why does sitting cause pain?” and “How can I keep from getting pain from sitting?” Pain can result from when your spine is in a position that is not consistent with its normal posture. Spines have two concave curves and two convex curves. When you put your spine outside of these normal curves, over time micro injuries can

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Chilling Out: Using Ice During Your Care

When a patient arrives at our office, it is not uncommon for them to be in severe pain. I often get asked, “what can I do for this pain?” Though there are many drugs, over-the-counter drugs, and herbs for pain that can be used, I have found that ice packs are the most beneficial home remedy for short-term relief. When you have an injury, your body’s first response is to swell. It is also known as “inflammation.” When you place a cold pack on the injured area, it reduces the blood flow to that area and therefore reduces the swelling.

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Acknowledge Your Pain!

For over 30 years, at Tuck Chiropractic we have treated literally thousands of patients. Most assume patients who consult a chiropractor to be very active people such as construction workers or athletes. However, these patients make up a very small percent of our practice. Across America, 40-50% of people are suffering from chronic back pain. The chronic pain patients we see have injuries commonly known as cumulative type traumas. These would be defined as small injuries, accumulating over time, into a major injury. To explain this to patients, I use this example: If you were to walk on the side

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