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When you think about an “athlete”, it’s likely that names and faces like LeBron James, Serena Williams, or David Beckham come to mind. You might imagine their glorious game-winning goals, down to the buzzer shots, and match-winning hurls. Or think about how hard they work from day to day to refine their skills and keep up their stamina, and your mind might wonder how you’d never be able to achieve the same glory.
According to Dr. Brooke at Tuck Clinic Chiropractic in Fairlawn, being an athlete isn’t as out of reach as you might imagine. As a chiropractor who has received special training as a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, and has spent time training with Olympic athletes, Dr. Brooke knows the ins and outs of what it truly means to be or become an athlete. In fact, he shares his “Five Dimensions of Health” with all of his patients to better explain the concept: Physical, Chemical, Psychological, Sleep, Neurological.

What an Athlete Looks Like on the Outside

Again, when you think about an athlete, you probably picture them as well built and muscular, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. In fact, an “athlete” by definition according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary is “a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina”. So while you need some skills and strength in a certain area, you don’t necessarily need to be an all-star.
On the outside, an athlete is someone who takes the time to work on themselves through their preferred method, gets plenty of sleep, and takes measures to make sure their neurological wellness matches their physiological wellness. Because chiropractic care works with the neurological and musculoskeletal system, it’s a great place to start your journey.
Dr. Brooke recalls one of his patients that used chiropractic care as the first step of her journey towards being an “Every Day Athlete”. This particular patient came into Dr. Brooke’s clinic to seek relief for lower back pain. At her first appointment, she had a BMI of 40 and above the range of being morbidly obese. She received a treatment plan throughout approximately 35 days for her back pain and Dr. Brooke never heard from her again.
That is until 2 years later, she came back for maintenance care. Dr. Brooke remembered her name but when he saw her in his office again, he claimed he would have never been able to recognize her without her chart in hand. After she completed her care with Dr. Brooke, she embraced her newfound relief by starting a strict regimen of walking. She walked 2 hours every day and over the course of 2 years, lost 140 pounds. Yes, just from walking!
You see, you don’t have to be in tip-top shape to find the dedication to really hone in on your wellness plan of choice and become an “everyday athlete”.

What an Athlete Looks Like on the Inside

Speaking of dedication, beyond the physical element, there are two very important elements to this process that happen internally. That’s where the psychological and chemical aspects come in.
Whatever you call it: dedication, motivation, determination; something in your mind has to keep you moving forward. You need to have the right mindset to get up every day and stretch or make it to the pool for some laps during your lunch break. Having a positive psychological outlook on your daily wellness is even more important than your ability to perform your workout well.
The final component is the chemical component. What are you putting in your body? Dr. Brooke’s patient admittedly did a little more than just walking every day. She also adjusted her diet as a part of her wellness goals. When you eat foods with the right chemical makeup, your workouts are fueled better, your recovery happens faster, and even your mindset can be improved.
How will you get started on your journey to be an Every Day Athlete? We’re here to help.

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