5 Small Ways To Become More Active


Parking further away at the store, using the stairs, or getting a gym membership…We’ve all heard the common fitness tips. Unfortunately, simply buying a gym membership or parking farther away at the store once a week doesn’t mean your physical activity is truly improving. Evidence by the American Heart Association tells us that becoming more active can lower your blood pressure, enhance your immune system, decrease the risk of disease, and build overall strength. Our team at Tuck Chiropractic Clinic understand that becoming active doesn’t happen overnight, it takes small, cumulative steps. With a priority in overall wellness, Tuck Chiropractic Clinic has created a list of five small ways for you to become more active:

  • Put An Extra Pep In Your Step. We see it all the time: the neighbor walking the dog, parents walking with children on bicycles, or older gentlemen going for an evening walk. Walking is something we do daily, so why not add a scheduled walk in your daily routine? Just as we have a morning coffee or water the flowers, create a set time to go on a walk. Frequent walking better influences healthy triglyceride levels, as compared to a single vigorous workout paired with excessive sitting the remainder of the day. Spread out the activity across your day, in bite-sized pieces that will add up to wellness success.
  • Dance It Out. For some, typical exercise classes or hitting the gym just doesn’t sound that fun and as a result, they don’t do it. There are a number of fun-focused options, many of which incorporate dancing, which adds an upbeat aspect to strength training and aerobic exercise. Working out doesn’t feel like “work” when you are able to thoroughly enjoy the experience. In addition to the excessive amount of fun you’ll have, these classes often offer low-impact options, creating less impact on joints and the back.
  • Keep It Simple. Increased activity doesn’t have to come from expensive equipment or memberships, it can be as simple as a yoga ball or stretching band. Just recently, our doctors reviewed the Fit & Me Balance Board, an inexpensive, portable tool that uses balance to strengthen your core and back. Many times accessibility keeps us from exercising or keeping active. Keep small exercise tools on hand, for on-the-go activity that can make the most out of short breaks in your day!
  • Be Part Of A Team. Whether you’re very active or less active, certain exercises can be intimidating. Group exercise, whether it is a class at the gym or a pickup game at the local park, have a track record of benefits. Often, those seeking to become more active are fearful of trying something new on their own. Group exercises provide a support system and an accountability system for those times where you’ve lost your motivation and are ready to throw in the towel.
  • Don’t Overdo It.  If you have previously suffered from an injury or are unsure if a certain exercise set is right for you, always check with a medical professional. Make sure your body is functioning at full capacity before adding on additional activity. As Dr. Jen Rathmann states, “You function at 100% when all parts or systems of your body are working at 100%. When you function as close to 100% as possible that is when you feel great and in turn you live great!”

Live better, feel better. Use these five small steps to become more active and discover the difference it can make. If you’re unsure of your ability or the best starting place for your unique health circumstances, contact our team at Tuck Chiropractic Clinic to see what you can do, today!

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