Balance and Your Back


Balance and Your Back

How can you improve balance and strengthen your back?

Whether you are an athlete training for the next big game or a senior participating in day-to-day activities, balance plays a huge role in your life. From walking to running or bending to lifting, balance determines your control over movement throughout your body. Harvard Medical School uses the example of a broken ankle dilemma to explain the role balance plays in recovery and preventative care.
Imagine an athlete breaks an ankle and needs to recover. Physicians must not only fix the break, but ensure preventative measures are taken to strengthen the ankle. In the case of a senior taking a fall, the same applies. The goal is not to simply fix the break, but take measures to prevent it from happening again. Dr. Matthis of our Christiansburg clinic said, “Balance exercise has the ability to increase core stability, athletic performance, and even help to minimize the chance for falls.” Furthermore, in younger patients, Dr. Matthis recognizes “a correlation with core strength weakness and repetitive back issues.” This leads to the vital question:

How can you improve balance and strengthen your back?

Chiropractic adjustments support better balance, as they ensure the body is in proper alignment. This is a great starting point but to strengthen the core and back other exercises should be completed.
One great way to accomplish this is with balance board exercise. We recently got to try out the Fit&Me Balance Board as a solution to enhancing balance. Fit&Me is a circular, wooden balance board with anti-slip pads at its base designed for balance training for people of all ages. The balance board is portable and lightweight, it’s easy to use on-the-go or store at home. It also can be used with multiple exercises targeting different areas of the body.
Users of the Fit&Me Balance Board detail personal accounts of success made up of recovering patients, users with chronic back issues, training athletes, and seniors looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Balance boards not only enhances balance and promote strength, but increase confidence, as well.
In the case of the broken ankle, what was the root of the issue? The problem was not that the ankle was broken, but that the body lacked the strength and balance to prevent the fall or break. The body needs to be conditioned and strengthened for occurrences such as a bad fall. With established balance through strong core muscles, the body could prevent injury.
Balance impacts everyday life in big ways. Imagine reaching for an item in the grocery store and losing your balance. The top shelf doesn’t have to be so intimidating, though, with proper balance exercise. We believe you deserve to live a healthier and pain-free life, So, jump in and take the next step, quite literally. Ask your Tuck Chiropractic Clinic doctor about how you can improve your balance, strengthen your core, and better your back.

Dr. Matthis

Dr. Matthis had a lot of fun giving the Fit & Me Balance Board a try!

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