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One of the driving forces for the decisions we make as a chiropractic practice is you, the patient. Patient satisfaction is one of our key indicators to determine if we are accomplishing our mission of leaving a positive impact on the lives we are privileged to touch. We know that one issue heavy on the minds of many of our patients is the rising cost of healthcare.
While not all chiropractors take insurance, for us it is an absolute must. To meet the needs of our patients we must make it cost effective and it must also honor their time. By taking insurance from carriers like Anthem, Aetna, Cigna, and Medicare we are ensuring we honor the financial aspect of health care. We also know it is necessary that our staff help patients navigate the waters of chiropractic and insurance because at times it can be cumbersome and confusing.
If you find yourself with insurance questions we invite you to contact the office most convenient to you. Reaching out is the first step towards a healthier lifestyle. If you reach out with a question you can expect a timely answer from a real person. You won’t get passed through a never-ending phone tree directory. You will interact with someone that works within our clinic offices, who has received training on insurance coverage and billing, and who genuinely wants to answer your question.
We are thankful that our patients report 97% satisfaction with our services. From the information we have gathered associated with this rating, we have learned that patient satisfaction is related to results and also to the convenience of obtaining care. Convenience factors include flexible appointment times, multiple clinic locations, and providing administrative services, such as insurance billing. We are thankful for our wonderful patients that give us feedback, which allows us to continuously improve.
One documented reason that people do not make choices that support good wellness is lack of convenience. When making the healthy choice is also the hassle-free choice we know our patients are more likely to follow through. Our hope is that by accepting insurance and billing insurance companies on our patients’ behalf we are removing a barrier that would prevent them from seeking the best possible decision for their health and well-being. We want to be a healthcare partner with our patients in every sense; from the adjustments we provide to the patient care from our support staff. We hope to soon have the opportunity to partner with you and help you live a pain-free life.
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