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Dancing Jazzercise Making ImpactA low impact exercise like Jazzercise is making a comeback.
Getting back out there can be can be intimidating. Sometimes it’s because you received an injury and things just haven’t been the same since. Other times, it’s because you were never really “out there” in the first place and you may feel like it’s too late. You might even be insecure about looking like a novice. The reality is, while you are busy coming up with reasons why you can’t, your life is continuing to move past you at a rapid pace. There is no better time than now to make a change in the direction of wellness.
One way you could get back out there is to literally dance like no one is watching. Join a dance fitness class like Jazzercise, which offers low impact and high impact options, fitness in a group setting, and is just plain fun! It can be overwhelming to walk into a new workout facility, surrounded by mirrors and sometimes even flexing gym-goers. At Jazzercise there are no mirrors—on purpose. This welcome change allows all participants to enjoy the music, movements, and focus on wellness without being distracted by reflections in all directions.
As Alisa Hewitt, the owner of the New River Valley Jazzercise center explained, “Jazzercise combines aerobic, dance-based exercise with strength training to create a one of a kind workout. In 60 minutes we complete not only a cardio workout, but also include strength training targeting all of the major muscle groups.”
An important aspect of Jazzercise for those that are taking a journey back into fitness, especially from injury, is that there are low impact options. Certain classes are dedicated entirely to low-impact workouts and each class can be modified to offer a low-impact approach. Alisa explained, “In our classes, low impact means only that we remove the “hop” and work with an emphasis on muscle rather than momentum.” There is less impact on the joints and back, which is music to the ears of anyone fighting for fitness while overcoming injury. Alisa elaborated, “This total body combination is excellent for cardiovascular conditioning, muscle development, and toning, leading to more endurance and increased energy levels.”
This type of fitness routine is also cross-generational and done in a group setting. Working out in a group context helps with motivation, accountability, and camaraderie. Young or old, friendships are formed while you are sweating it out. We are more likely to stick with exercise we enjoy and developing relationships is a great way to ensure enjoyment. It also turns the Jazzercise classes into a big dance party—and who doesn’t love a good dance party?
Jazzercise Poster GraphicJazzercise is a high-intensity workout that includes cardio and strength training. Speaking of dance parties—we need to take a moment to gush about how fun dance fitness, like Jazzercise, can be. Life can be so serious between demands at work, demands at home, and sad news stories in the media. Some days you’ve just got to dance! Jazzercise is a complete body workout and occurs in a supportive environment all while artists like Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, and Pitbull play the background. The routines are fun but also intentionally designed with wellness in mind. Alisa said, “All routines are professionally choreographed and reviewed by an exercise physiologist to ensure safety and effectiveness. “ For one hour, Jazzercise allows participants to step out of their daily demands and just exist in the context of fun music and health-benefitting dance moves. It’s a winning combination (pun absolutely intended).
“It can be intimidating to begin a new fitness program and to take that step into a new facility. Group fitness classes, like all of our classes at Jazzercise New River Valley, are a great way to get started,” affirmed Alisa. You have to start somewhere when getting back into a wellness routine or establishing a new routine altogether. Make sure that you endeavor on your wellness journey with a great support system that is aware of your fitness goals and unique circumstances. Talk about your goals with your chiropractor as well as any other key influencers of your health—to include fitness instructors. It’s never too late and since there is no better time than now, will you dance your way back out there?

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