Chiropractic Collective Power


The collective power gained through these Clinical rounds will benefit all parties involved, Tuck Chiropractic, our patients, and the entire chiropractic profession
Growing up, did your mom ever tell you there is safety in numbers? Most of us would probably agree that’s true. Would you also agree that a group of people is more effective as a team rather than a cluster of individuals acting alone? At Tuck Chiropractic Clinic, we are confident that there is strength in “numbers” or more specifically strength in a team approach. We understand that if as a practice we try to work in isolation—whether from each other or from the medical community at large—we won’t be as effective and our patients won’t receive the best care possible. We know that our effectiveness is magnified when we work as a unified team rather than as individual parts. Some would describe this as synergy or collaboration—we prefer to call it our collective power. We know that this collective power provides benefits to Tuck Chiropractic Clinic, the individual patient, as well as chiropractic as a profession.
Our team of Doctors has implemented a system called Clinical Rounds, by which, each month one of our doctors selects a patient’s case and presents it to our group.  Through this process, we strengthen our collective power by gaining insight from our cumulative years of experience, by holding ourselves accountable to high standards of care and also by improving our communication both to the public and to our colleagues.  This allows us to openly discuss challenges that we work together to overcome.  We firmly believe that “iron sharpens iron” and if doctors come together for clinical rounds they will mutually encourage each, teach each other, and make each other better. One such example is described by one of our doctors, Dr. Logan Brooke, “During one of our recent clinical rounds, Dr. Matt Marry presented on a patient that had a multitude of clinical symptoms, none of which fit a pattern.  During our discussion, many possible diagnoses were presented.  As it turns out, the very next day, a patient entered my office with a similar set of symptoms.  Because of our clinical rounds discussion, my patient greatly benefited from another doctors experience.”
Another component of collective power is working to better chiropractic as a whole. Dr. Ray Tuck serves on the Virginia Board of Medicine and collaborates with other medical practitioners from our state to help drive the future of healthcare forward in a positive direction. It also gives Dr. Tuck the opportunity to understand first hand how chiropractic fits into the bigger picture of health care in our state. Dr. AJ LaBarbera and Dr. Lee Matthis are on the Board of the Unified Virginia Chiropractic Association. Dr. Tuck is also on the American Chiropractic Association board. These professional affiliations allow our doctors to stay up to date on the latest challenges, successes, and trends within our profession. It is also an excellent opportunity for professional development that our doctors are able to put to practice in our many Tuck Chiropractic Clinic locations. We are proud of our doctors that serve as leaders and give their time in this way.
One of our favorite ways to achieve collective power is by interacting directly with our patients. When we are given the opportunity to personally get to know our patients; their hobbies, likes, interests, and life style, we are able to provide chiropractic care that is most effective because it looks at the patient as a whole rather than as an isolated problem. Collective power also means that our doctors will reach out and collaborate with other physicians as needed to ensure the most positive patient outcome. We know that there are people that chiropractic care can help completely. We also know there are people who need a chiropractor as part of a collaborative team of physicians.
Through our collective power, we continuously strive to improve the quality of care our patients receive as well as their overall satisfaction with their care. Ultimately, this approach ensures that we will continue to strive for our goal of leaving a positive impact on every life we touch.

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