To Reap and to Sow


There is an old story of a farmer who sows seed and reaps a harvest. There were always variables that altered the size of the harvest, but he always had a crop to reap after he had sown. Several themes of the story are constants and can be applied every day in our offices. Those themes are: The seed sown was of the finest quality, and the farmer never stopped sowing.
The first of the themes is that the seed was of the finest quality!  Much like the farmer of the parable, we sow the finest seed in the form of the story we tell ourselves and our patients.  The chiropractic story is the basis of health and wellness and is spread daily in our minds and in our offices. If we tell the most basic version of this story, our patients can choose to plant that story in the fertile soil of their minds and produce the fruits that will lead to a happier and healthier community for us to serve.
The chiropractic story is this: The nervous system controls all aspects of bodily function and when it functions with no interference, the body is allowed to have full physiological expression and a life of health and wellness can be lived. When we remind ourselves each day of the power of this simple message, we are more capable of living the message ourselves and sowing the seeds that will allow our patients to do the same. The people we serve should hear the message frequently and consistently from Drs and staff members alike to be able to ingrain it into their minds so that they may allow it to bear the fruit from the soil of their minds.
Some of the soil the farmer sowed his seed on was 30% of productive capacity.  Some of the seed fell onto soil that allowed for 60% growth and fruitfulness, and some fell on 90% fertile soil.  Drought got some of the seed, birds got some, and the thorns had some success in choking out the potential of the harvest. Regardless of the outcome of where the seed landed, the farmer KEPT SOWING!!!  That’s what we should do as well.
One of the harder things I find myself dealing with after telling the story of how I can help the masses is disconnecting from the “quality of the soil” the seed falls on. I tell the story and if it should be to a person who only wants 30% potential of our art (pain relief), I sometimes find myself trying to fertilize, water, and prompt their soil to produce more. When this patient feels better, they disappear and I take it personally that they didn’t fully express the potential they have inside. Instead of trying to get the 30%-ers to do more, I should just focus on the story and tell to more people. I should just keep sowing. Then by percentages alone, I’ll be able to reap more when it comes time for harvest.
The patients who understand and produce 30%, 60%, or 90% should not be goaded or pried into producing 100%.  THEY NEVER WILL!!  The shear energy needed to do so would make us incapable of sowing any further seed. The quality of the soil that is sowed upon is beyond our ability to change after the seed is cast.  We can, however, focus our sowing and reaping on the soil we know to be better producers of fruit. We can give more attention to the fruitful soil and expect more in return.
Each day focus on the soil that will produce the largest harvest, give attention in proportion to the harvest you’ll reap (30% to the 30%-er, 60% to the 60%-er, etc), and most importantly, KEEP SOWING THAT EXCELLENT SEED!!!

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