Posture and Ergonomics

Posture, or the alignment of the spine and connecting bones, muscles, and ligaments, is essential to holistic healthy living. While many of us forget that standing and sitting in certain positions can cause misalignment of these components, often what we think are everyday aches and pains can be alleviated through greater awareness of how we position ourselves.

What are the benefits of good posture?

Good posture is actually a contributor to a number of positive outcomes, including maximizing productivity and greater personal happiness, according to studies conducted by OSHA and Professor Eric Peper at San Francisco State University. Upright posture also increases your oxygen intake by up to 30% giving you a mental and physical energy boost to help you feel better and enjoy life more. Standing up or sitting up straight isn’t always the easy answer, however; prolonged periods of sitting or standing vertically can actually do damage, causing more pain. Instead, the American Chiropractors Association defines good posture as the point at which all the parts of your body are balanced and supported.

How does lifestyle affect posture?

Cultural risk factors abound for conditions like “sitting disease” and “text neck” in our mostly sedentary, technology-driven society. It takes practical solutions to improve your health through good posture and ergonomic environments.

How can I become educated about good posture?

You can stand tall by educating yourself on the most common risks to good posture and make conscientious choices to improve your spinal health. The doctors at Tuck Chiropractic would be more than happy to work with you to find practical solutions improving your health through good posture and ergonomic environments. You can also check out our blog for the most current information, research, and tips for healthy lifestyles, including: how to prevent carpal tunnel, introducing a standing workstation, and the connections between good posture and a positive emotional outlook. If you need someone to keep you standing tall, we’re here to help.

Tips for Maintaining Good Posture:

  • To counteract an increased curvature of the lower back, straighten your upper back until your ear, shoulder, and hip are aligned.
  • Contract your abdominal muscles and glutes to provide a “natural corset” for your lower back when standing.
  • When doing any task that requires you to stand for a prolonged period, elevate one of your feet by bending your knee, raising your leg, and placing your foot on a low step stool or, if possible, sit on a high stool.
  • When sitting, avoid slouching and sit back into the chair, ensuring the full length of your thighs are supported by the seat.
  • Keep both feet flat on the floor while sitting.
  • Graciela M. Perez, ScD CPE, recommends rolling a towel and placing it between your lower back and the seat for increased support.
  • Adjust your seat to be as high as possible without cramping your head space
  • Make sure your seat is far enough back from the steering wheel to put your arms at a comfortable resting angle when gripping the wheel and close enough to reach the pedals comfortably when you are sitting straight up.
  • Don’t sit on your wallet! Sitting on a bulky object like a wallet can cause a pelvic imbalance that could cause lower back pain or other issues.
  • Make sure to take breaks; try to stop every hour or hour and a half if possible, to stretch and readjust.
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How can Tuck Chiropractic help you?

Whether you just want a better health lifestyle or you need relief from intense or chronic pain, we can help. Schedule an appointment for your assessment and take a step towards living with less pain and more freedom!

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