Recovering from "Summer Warrior Syndrome"


Each year, around August and September, our clinics see an influx of patients seeking relief from lower back pain and other injuries. With the increase of travel, lawn care, and summer physical activities, many people find themselves feeling sore as things start to slow down. We’re all familiar with the concept of “weekend warrior” syndrome – when big bursts of physical activity after long sedentary periods cause injuries – but what about “summer warrior” syndrome?
If you’re hoping to squeeze as much as possible out of your last few weeks of summer, make sure you’re taking care of your body properly so that you’re not feeling the effects long into autumn.

Recovering from Extended Wear and Tear

Being a “summer warrior” probably means your burst of physical activity lasted longer than one weekend, which means your injury may be worse than usual. A busy summer also means you may have missed some of your maintenance chiropractic appointments due to scheduling conflicts.
To begin recovery, make sure you’re icing properly when your injury flares up. You’ll still be weed wacking well into fall, so if you find your shoulders are sore after a session in the yard, ice immediately.
You should also reach out to your chiropractor to return to regular care. If you have a serious injury, you may need to begin a new care plan. Otherwise, it should be easy for you to fall right back into your routine monthly appointments. Be honest about your condition when you consult with your doctor.

Prevention is Key

The best way to prevent injury next summer is to stay active year-round. By strengthening your body and maintaining a higher level of activity, your body won’t be so shocked when the summer frenzy kicks off. To balance out more time spent inside, make adjustments to your workout routine to be more gym or in-home based.
You can also prevent injury throughout the summertime by being more mindful of overexertion. If you’re a frequent summer traveler, make sure you’re taking measures to protect your lower back from extended time sitting. If you’re a trail lover, make sure you’re using the proper backpack equipment to carry your supplies and support your back.
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If you’re finding yourself in pain after a long, busy summer, we’re here to help. Schedule a consultation with a chiropractor near you today.

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