Dry Needling: A Little Known Technique That Gets Big Results


If you’re into natural healing and wellness, it’s likely that you’ve already heard of acupuncture and how it can be used with chiropractic adjustments to further release tension in the muscles. Dr. Foster, from our Bedford Clinic, practices acupuncture’s not-so-distant cousin: dry needling. In this technique, doctor uses sterile, fine needles to go deep into muscle tissue to stimulate the nerves in the muscle to release tension. Where manual adjustments typically focus on the skeletal system, these techniques can focus on the muscles – providing a true musculoskeletal treatment.
“In short, what we do as chiropractors focus on the nerves and the pain associated with them,” says Dr. Foster. “Dry needling helps the muscular element of pain by breaking up tight muscle fibers along with scar tissue and allowing them to heal correctly.”

How Does Dry Needling Differ from Acupuncture?

The biggest difference between acupuncture and the dry needling technique is where the doctor targets the needles. Acupuncture is an Ancient Chinese technique that targets “meridians” throughout the body. These meridians are thought to be channels of energy, or “Chi”, that influence the flow of energy in the body. The concept suggests that the needles unblock any energy that is backed up from tension.
In dry needling, the doctor focuses on myofascial trigger points and tender points in the soft tissue throughout the body instead of the meridians. While there may be some crossover, the trigger points are more related to the points where the nervous system and musculoskeletal system are showing abnormal levels of pain and tension – focusing on the root of the problem rather than the energies of the body. One or a number of needles are used depending on the area in treatment and the technique can be administered over multiple sessions. While we are using needles to go deep into the muscle tissue, a lot of patients barely feel it as there is little to no pain and rarely any bleeding with this procedure.
Another way these two techniques differs is the training involved. Often times, acupuncture requires a masters degree so most administers of this technique are restricted to only being able to provide acupuncture services and do not have the ability to diagnose as primary care providers. Dry needling when performed by a chiropractor, after 7-8 years of schooling, requires further specialized training and as a doctor, we have the ability to both diagnose and treat the patient, striving for the best results possible for each patient’s condition.

How Dry Needling Can Help You Heal Faster

In Dr. Foster’s experience, the addition to dry needling to his practice has really taken his treatments to the next level. After receiving dry needling in the past and seeing firsthand the marvelous benefits, he knew he wanted to be able to supplement his other adjustment techniques to provide an added benefit and level of relief to his patients.
“Usually within 2 to 6 visits of including dry needling with their regular treatments, people are seeing a substantial difference with most patients wishing they had tried it sooner,” says Dr. Foster.
Because Tuck Clinic is adamant about tracking outcomes and progress with patients frequently, he has been able to watch treatment plans provide faster resolution and relief with longer lasting benefits. When Dr. Foster is able to combine dry needling with his regular treatments, patients are treated wholly through their skeletal and muscular systems. The added benefits of dry needling help the muscles react to the skeletal adjustments faster, helping patients find continued relief quickly and more efficiently. The dry needling technique is also affordable. Dr. Foster is so devoted and passionate to help the people of his hometown that he has extended this service as the most affordable around. With a flat rate of $35, you won’t have to worry about an acupuncturist’s session or hourly fees.
To learn more about this technique, set an appointment with the chiropractors at Tuck Clinic in Bedford today!

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