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Dr. LaBarbera giving a presentation.
The reality of the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape is that we must stay on top of quality and consistency of care–in addition to positive patient outcomes. While many things about healthcare are uncertain, one thing must remain steadfast: an unwavering commitment to excellence.
The famous thinker and philosopher Aristotle is credited for saying, “We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act but a habit.” At Tuck Chiropractic, we believe in consistency and always pushing ourselves towards increased clinical excellence and a superior patient experience.  Sure, we can self-evaluate, rely on introspection, and encourage each other towards continuous improvement. However, we find the most valuable information to be feedback directly from our patients.
Since patient satisfaction and feedback is paramount, we put our heads together on the most efficient way to get this feedback that would provide us with actionable data and arm us with information to refine our clinical and patient experiences, as needed. We created a succinct and short survey that is shared with patients over email and via text message–on average it requires 30 to 90 seconds to complete and provides us with a wealth of information.
We first launched this concept in the Bedford office and committed to a five-month pilot of the feedback program. That pilot study has recently concluded, and the end result is a new patient survey designed to equip us with valuable insights from the patients we impact each and every day. It allows us to know what we are doing that works incredibly well and the areas we can modify to better meet needs and exceed expectations.
The pilot was such a success that we decided to apply the process, concept, and procedure at all clinic locations in order to make sure our entire team–all nine locations and 60 employees–were on the same page. We got together for a lunch meeting at Amelia’s in Christiansburg and received a presentation from Dr. AJ LaBarbera. This presentation was a great opportunity to bring everyone together and plan for success with this survey procedure.
Not only did our training create the opportunity to inform our team about how we will use this performance measurement for betterment. It also gave us the time to pause and enjoy each other–as a team of professionals committed to positively impacting others with chiropractic.
Our doctors and staff are critical to a patient’s experience; therefore, they are invaluable. It is important that our commitment to excellence is focused not only on our patients, but our employees as well. Doctors give great care in a great environment, which leads to our overarching goal of great patient outcome.

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