5 Healthy Habits for Living Well


At times, the thought of living healthy can seem overwhelming, even discouraging–especially during the holidays, right? In fact, sometimes the idea of a healthy lifestyle feels so overwhelming that we never even act in the first place. Rather than start small–we don’t start at all. Sound familiar?
The reality is, living healthy is not something you can accomplish overnight—it’s a journey, and it does not have to be a obstacle in our lives. When it comes to managing and regulating our health, the key is to start small and stay the course.
Those initial healthy choices will soon become your new normal and therefore, a healthy lifestyle. Please know, there will be bumps and stumbling along the way, that’s normal. When it does, remember to give yourself grace, rise up and keep climbing.
Starting small is starting somewhere—today, choose to start the narrative of your success story with a step towards your healthy living. Consider these small, simple exercises and ideas to help you get started.

  1. Stretching

Woman stretchingStretching daily can lead to a variety of health benefits. Taking 10 minutes to stretch at the start of each day can help increase your balance and flexibility, as well as reduce joint pain and improve posture. Take some time for you this morning, and let yourself stretch out any soreness that’s built up from the week. As you stretch your body, allow your mind to also relax as you start to ease into another day full of meetings, appointments, and obligations. Start the day stretching–and focusing on your desired outcome for that day.

  1. Getting outside

Couple walking together outdoorsWhether you decide to take a walk, go on a hike, or simply step outside to read—you’ll thank yourself later for the mental break and fresh air. Some of the benefits gained from spending time outside include: reduced anxiety, improved ability to focus, elimination of fatigue, lower blood pressure and even a boost in your immune system.

  1. Having a cup of tea

Woman holding a tea cupThere are several health benefits associated with drinking tea. Herbal teas contain antioxidants and also help to boost the immune system. Tea drinkers are also known to carry a lower risk for heart attacks and strokes—but, what really makes a cup of tea attractive to its brewer, is its soothing qualities of warmth and relaxation. After a stressful day, set aside some time for you to drink in the slow, quiet moments your mind craves.

  1. Making room for spontaneity

Couple bike riding togetherIt is important to let ourselves indulge in spontaneity every once in awhile—in fact, it’s healthy for us. Dr. Leon F. Seltzer, author of “Wisdom of Spontaneity,” explains that some people may not be able to act in the moment due to their fear of making a mistake. They might also have a difficult time expressing vulnerable feelings. Remember to smile, take risks and try something new every so often—claim today’s adventure and make it yours.

  1. Simplifying your fruits and veggies

Person holding kiwi in their hand.Fruits and vegetables—we know they’re good for us. But, let’s be honest, when that seemingly more convenient bag of chips calls our name from the vending machine—veggies are not usually on our mind. That being said, if we give ourselves access to portable, affordable fruits and veggies by packing them in a lunchbox ahead of time, we might be more inclined to take those first tentative steps towards healthy eating. One way to integrate that methodology into your day-to-day hustle, is by packing small, golden kiwi in your lunch bag. Cut the kiwi in half, pack a spoon and you’ve got yourself an easy, super yummy fix for that 2 o’clock-sweet tooth. This is just one of many fun, quick and easy ways to begin simplifying the challenge of ‘healthy eating.’
As you work towards a healthier lifestyle, we’re here to help. Our doctors are committed to working with you to achieve your health goals one step at a time. For more information on how we can help, contact us or visit one of our 9 locations today.

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