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We were recently honored to learn one of our very own was nominated for a regional leadership award though the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Jen Rathmann, who serves in our Blacksburg Clinic, was nominated for the award of Accomplished Business Woman of the Year. While Dr. Rathmann would be the last person to make a big deal of such recognition, we know how important it is to celebrate the incredible leader that she is.
Dr. Rathmann is one of those leaders who makes time not excuses. Like most of us, she is busy keeping up with the day-to-day demands of life but always finds a way to make her patients, and those around her, feel valued. In fact, she even has one patient that calls to wish Dr. Rathmann a “Happy Anniversary” when the date of her first chiropractic adjustment rolls around. Her people-first approach is an example to us all.
The dedication of Dr. Rathmann extends beyond one-on-one relationships and deep into her emphasis on community building. She is involved locally with the Chamber of Commerce, Blacksburg Sports Club, and Downtown Blacksburg Inc., and the American Business Women’s Association. In the past, she has also been a member of Rotary, a Board member for the American Red Cross, a Board Member of Valley Interfaith Childcare Center, and a volunteer for the United Way. It quickly becomes apparent that Dr. Rathmann is leading by serving in our local community.
When reflecting on Dr. Rathmann’s support from our community Dr. Tuck shared, “Dr. Rathmann has always been very dedicated to the communities here in Montgomery County.  Since joining us, she has served on several boards and committees and volunteered at meaningful events countless times.  I think her service to others both within the office to her patients and outside the office in the community is a testament to why she is so loved in the area.”
Not only is Dr. Rathmann highly relational and very invested in our local community; she is also dedicated to advancing the professional of chiropractic. Dr. Rathmann serves as Clinical Operations Manager for Tuck Chiropractic Clinic to ensure continuous quality improvement with clinic staff members. Dr. Tuck said, “I have worked with Dr. Rathmann for almost 18 years now.  Her work both here in southwest Virginia and across the state to advance our profession has always been about improving care for patients.  I feel very blessed to have worked with her!”
This nomination means a lot to our team because it means that others are recognizing the dedication that Dr. Rathmann has to our patients and community. It is something that can’t help but be noticed. We are honored to have her as part of our team and thankful for her leadership within Tuck Chiropractic, our community, and beyond.

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