4 Positive Changes to Better Your Health


What do you think the most predictive characteristic for low back pain chronicity and future disability is?  Obesity?  Prior back surgery?  Type of injury? What would you say if we told you multiple studies have shown the most predictive factor for progression of low back pain from acute to chronic are psychological factors like depression, fear avoidance, and poor outlook? 
You may have never considered a possible link between health, pain, and attitude. While it may be difficult to stay positive during all situations in life, there are positive steps you can take to enhance your overall health and wellbeing. And that’s why we’re here — to discuss four positive lifestyle changes that are simple but come with the potential to improve your health.

1. Stay Active

When your body is in pain, relaxing on the couch may seem like the easiest thing to do. After all, you don’t want the pain to get worse. We’re going to stop you right there. The reality is getting your body up and moving could actually be the first step to feeling better! In fact, a recent study revealed physically active adults had lower pain perception than those who were not physically active. This can be as simple as going outside and taking a quick walk. So if you’re feeling stiff, or your back is starting to give you trouble, challenge yourself to get up and get moving. Going through the motions, in a literal sense, could be the first step in feeling like you can take on just about anything.

  2. Be Aware of Your Attitude

Emotions such as anxiety and depression can worsen pain perception. However, there are ways to combat those feelings. Activities like yoga, meditation, and positive thought reinforcement have been linked to reduced pain intensity and better overall health. Yoga and meditation have also been linked to decreased stress and better cardiovascular health. Make a conscious effort to be more aware of your mental attitude. If you are facing a difficult situation, don’t dwell on it. Challenge yourself to consider the positives that may come from the situation.

3. Surround Yourself with Positive People – this includes your doctors!

You’ve probably heard the saying “surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher.” That saying holds true when it comes to family, friends, and even doctors. Partnering with a chiropractor or physician who is fully dedicated to helping you feel better can give you the confidence you need to take on the pain that has been bogging you down, or a surprise diagnosis that has left you in a rut. Choose a chiropractor or physician who you feel connected to and who has a plan to get you back on the road to a healthy life.

4. Don’t Dwell on Your Age. After all — it’s just a number!

Did you know feeling older than you actually are is a health hazard? Something that should be celebrated – the beauty of living life – could be causing people health problems. That’s hard to believe if you ask us! Reflect on the positive things happening around you. Consider getting involved in clubs or volunteer opportunities in your local community, or pick back up on your favorite from a few years back. Don’t let another year around the sun rain on your parade! And that brings us to our next, and final, recommendation…

From time to time, life can throw you a curveball. It’s important to maximize your chances of coming out on top, and recognize the key role positivity and lifestyle play in this. We encourage you to examine your life and determine how you can apply these simple tips. Starting with small changes to your approach to pain and positivity will help you experience big results.  

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