Reflections on 2016 with Dr. Ray Tuck


Dr. Ray Tuck with his daughter, Abi

As we reach the conclusion of 2016 and are already looking excitedly towards 2017. It seemed only fitting that we take the time to sit down with Dr. Ray Tuck and learn about the best parts of 2016 and the great things in store for 2017.
In a professional capacity, Dr. Tuck was honored with many new leadership roles that speak volumes about him as a professional and thought leader within healthcare. In February, he was elected chairman of the board for the American Chiropractic Association. Then in October, he was elected secretary of the Virginia Board of Medicine. However, what makes Dr. Tuck most proud is the support from his team, which allows him to serve in these positions that require a great deal of travel and a large time commitment. Dr. Tuck explained, “I’ve been really proud of the those who have stepped up in leadership roles to help me when I’m out of the office. We are all trying to make a difference.” He continued, “They all buy-in to what we are doing, I could not be doing this work if they weren’t doing the hard work at home.”
These leadership positions are much more than a title, there is real significance to Dr. Tuck serving in these ways. Dr. Tuck said, “The biggest thing that has driven me at both the clinic level as well as in these roles at the state level is the belief that chiropractic is a vital member of the healthcare community. Because of this belief, it is critical to be present and to contribute. In Dr. Tuck’s roles he is able to talk to other healthcare professionals, board members, legislators, and community members alike. He explained that regardless of whom he is speaking with the underlying theme and message remains constant: “Better care for our patients.”
Professionally, 2016 has been a wonderful year for Dr. Tuck and the Tuck Chiropractic team. It was also a great year for him personally. Dr. Tuck’s wife, Bonnie, and son, Nathaniel, are huge basketball fans, especially the Cleveland Cavaliers. One highlight of this year was that they were able to go to a playoff game together. Dr. Tuck also journeyed down to Austin, Texas with his daughter to attend South by Southwest (SXSW), a huge film, multimedia, and music festival. His daughter, Abi, is an emerging photographer and she was thrilled to meet National Geographic photographers at SXSW. Of course, we can’t forget to mention the photo op they also had with “Mr. Wonderful” (Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank).
It is going to be hard to top 2016; it was a wonderful year. But like most great leaders, Dr. Tuck has already been busy looking ahead and planning for the things to come. As a team, Tuck Chiropractic has been refining their goals for 2017. One main corporate goal is to develop shared decision making within all their practices. This means doctors will intentionally work with patients in a way that encourages them to be active participants in their health and wellness journeys. In a practical sense, doctors will explain to patients what they are facing, their opportunities and options, and then facilitate decision making by the patient. The big picture goal is to help patients decide what is best for them and their care, with the expertise and experience of the doctors facilitating this decision. This is a necessary and positive healthcare paradigm and one that Tuck Chiropractic is excited to practice.
On a personal level, in 2017 Dr. Tuck is going to intentionally pursue more balance in his life, which is hard with all of his responsibilities and a busy travel schedule. However, he knows that work-life balance is a necessary part of wellness and therefore he is going to make it a priority. “I’m going to try to make sure I slow down just enough to be able to appreciate my family, my health and the people I work with,” he explained.
With much gratitude, we thank each of our patients, our community, and our supporters for a great year. It wouldn’t be possible for Dr. Tuck, or the rest of the Tuck Chiropractic team, to achieve these great milestones absent of you. We look forward to continuing to serve and pledge afresh to strive to leave a positive impact on each life we are privileged to touch.

Nathaniel, Bonnie & Dr. Ray Tuck at the Cavaliers Play Off Game


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