To The Person With Back Pain…


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To the person with back pain, we see you. We see the way your life has changed. We see the sadness you live with, knowing you have so much more to give but pain holds you back. We know not all days are bad, there are days where it is okay and it’s manageable but there are also days when it’s not.
We see your unique story. Maybe your pain keeps you from the golf course. Maybe your pain keeps you out of the gym. Maybe your pain keeps you in bed when you’d rather be outside hiking and enjoying nature. Maybe your pain keeps you from playing with your grandchildren. Your story may be a different set of circumstances but the common thread is that back pain is keeping you from living life wide open.
We know your pain also comes with fear. You are afraid to try new things because it might cause the pain to flare up. You are afraid to be active, because you may “pay” for it later. You are also afraid that you are only living a shadow of your life. Most, though, you are afraid this is what your norm will have to be for the rest of your life.
We also know a lot of people don’t get it. They think it’s just back pain, failing to realize it is all consuming. They don’t know that it impacts your day-to- day living. They don’t understand that there are many days you silently hurt because that is the reality you have come to know and expect. Others just don’t know that seemingly simple tasks aren’t so simple with back pain.
We don’t want back pain to be all-consuming, confining, restricting, limiting. There is hope for an expressive life that can overcome the pain. There are health teams ready to support you and work with you to rise above the pain—and the fear and limitations. They are ready to hear the ways that back pain has impacted you and hear your dreams for a pain-free life. There are options beyond medication and surgery. It isn’t always easy. With chiropractic, consistent follow-up care, and an integrated health team there is hope.
We know most of the time, within two weeks, our patients with back pain have marked improvement. We know chiropractic care works. We know it can’t be done in a vacuum and must be part of an overall healthy lifestyle. We know chiropractic offers hope that patients with back pain are so desperately seeking.
We see you—your unique story—your unique goals—your unique pain. Now we simply ask, are you ready to come see us?

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