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Chiropractic Preceptorship ProgramAs chiropractors, many of the recent changes in the healthcare landscape have impacted how we do things, both from patient care perspective as well as administrative functions. As a company, we have leveraged our resources and worked extremely hard in developing systems that provide exceptional care to our patients matched with great customer service. We are excited to pass along this knowledge and expertise to the up and coming generation of chiropractors and one of the ways we will do this is through a preceptorship program.
This preceptorship program is an opportunity for students in their last year of chiropractic school to gain direct training, instruction, and supervision from a practicing chiropractor. It presents students with an opportunity to enhance their education with priceless experience and mentorship from well respected and experienced doctors of chiropractic. It will not only help them learn how to treat patients more effectively but it will also help them learn what it means to be a practitioner in today’s climate of the medical profession, which is heavily focused on high patient satisfaction, excellent patient outcomes, and care at a great value.
Participating in a preceptorship program has the potential to be one of the most enriching aspects of a student’s education. It allows the information learned within a classroom setting to be put in a real-world context. Additionally, it offers experiences and education that simply can’t be taught from a textbook or within a lecture hall. Working alongside the doctors of Tuck Chiropractic Clinic presents students with opportunities to learn practice management skills including day to day operations, enhanced communication skills, documentation practices, and best practices for the industry.
The program is structured in a week-by-week format, providing clear expectations and ensuring a great variety of experience for the student. For example, a portion of their time will be spent learning about medical billing practices, clinical documentation, and customer service functions. Other weeks will be spent doing clinical rounds, interacting directly with patients, and reviewing patient protocols. All of these experiences will be done alongside a doctor mentor, who will answer questions and guide the student.
The concept of having a tenured mentor, who is still actively practicing in the field, investing time, effort, and energy in a future doctor is very exciting and valuable. On top of being rewarding for the student, it is a very rewarding experience for the doctor in the mentor role. As a company, we are also excited about how we will be energized by the fresh energy and talent of the preceptorship students.
We know that our vision statement of “To Make a Positive Impact on Every Life We Touch” is applicable to our patients and colleagues alike. Our hope is that through this program we will inspire the next generation of chiropractors to be dedicated to nothing but the very best. We want them to graduate and be committed to achieving high patient satisfaction, a great value of care, and ultimately the most positive of patient outcomes.
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