Proper Workstation Set-up May Improve Your Health


If you have ever heard the term “ergonomics” you may have taken some initiative to improve your desk at work. What you may not know is that you are actually improving your overall health as well.
Ergonomics literally means the “laws of work.” This term refers to “creating an environment where the equipment is made to fit the person and not forcing the person to fit the equipment.” A great example would be a car seat. Would you purchase a car where your head hits the roof and your knees straddle the steering wheel? Obviously you wouldn’t! So why would you sit in a desk chair that forces you to lean into the desk for support, bend your knees at an odd angle and put direct pressure on your wrists when you type?
Simple and cost effective strategies can be put into place to improve your posture, pain, and symptoms. Just ‘Google’ the word office ergonomics and you will be immediately overwhelmed by a number of helpful suggestions that are available to you. You could also follow these simple suggestions and find yourself more comfortable at work immediately.

  1. Place the top of your monitor at a height that is at your eye level. For most of you, this means lifting your monitor 6 inches or more.
  2. Place all your commonly needed items within arms reach. Your phone, printer, stapler and document holder should be with 2 feet of your hands. Reaching over and over will eventually put abnormal tension on your shoulders and neck.
  3. Adjust the height of your chair so that your knees can bend at 90 degrees.
  4. Once every 30 minutes, leave your workstation for 5 minutes. Once every hour leave your workstation for 10 minutes. Essentially, for every hour that you are working, spend 15 minutes moving around. Time your restroom breaks or grabbing a paper off of the printer.
  5. Finally, if after only a few hours at your workstation you are developing headaches, mid back pain or numbness in your hands, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! Something is not working right. Get advice or help.

Our office is available to answer your questions. If you know your fellow employees are in need of help, we are able to present this information at your work. Ask the doctor for more information.

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